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  • Christmas present - the Bear Sanctuary BOOK

    If you are still looking for that LAST-MINUTE CHRISTMAS PRESENT for friends or family – you can still order a copy of the Bear Sanctuary book from Amazon. The book gives the illustrated story of how and why the Romanian bear sanctuary was created and has photos of the rescued bears.
    Buy it at:

  • Bears in winter

    The winter has arrived at the Romanian bear sanctuary which is now covered in a bright sheet of snow. The bears have fed well over the past few months and they have put on a lot of weight – enough to see them through any hibernation they may undertake during the winter months. But during the first days of the snow the bears generally just seem curious about the change in the landscape and wander around in the snow to play and even to swim in the icy pool.

    If you are thinking of a suitable Christmas gift for family or friends, you could get them a present of the Bear Sanctuary book from Amazon - at:  A donation from sales of the book go to help the rescued bears.

  • World Animal Day

    Today, October 4th, is World Animal Day.  It is a day for people around the world to consider what they can do to help animals, to prevent their suffering, and to do something to make a difference to how we perceive animals.

    It is through increased awareness and education that we can create a world where animals are always recognised as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare.

    One way you can consider how to help animals is to take a look at the World Animal Protection’s Wildlife Selfie Campaign ( #NotEntertainers) which urges people not to take selfie photos of themselves with captive wild animals such as holding monkeys, reptiles, or having photos of yourself next to tigers and elephants in wildlife amusement parks.  In many cases the animals might be drugged or otherwise forced into submission to make them easier for tourists to hold, and the animals should really be in the wild – not being used as an amusement for tourists.  You can take photos of animals in their natural habitat – such as on safari, but keep away from wildlife amusement areas where it is clear that the animals are cruelly exploited for use as photo props and souvenir photos.

    Have a Happy World Animal Day!

  • Pool time at the bear sanctuary

    Pool time at the sanctuary

    For the rescued bears living in the safe forested bear sanctuary in Romania, August is a hot month so they like to cool off in the many fresh water pools there.  The bears like to splash around in the cool water and often there are quite a few bears joining in the fun as they seem to get on well together and playing in the pools is a refreshing way to relax after sunning themselves in the open meadow areas.  This month the sanctuary has had a lot of visitors and they are shown around by trained guides who explain the stories of all the rescued bears.  The visitors’ entrance fees help to cover some of the costs of feeding the bears – they need around 2 tonnes of food each day.  If you want to see the bears and can't make a trip to Romania at the moment why not watch them on the live web-cam which shows the bears in one of the meadow and pool areas.   Best to catch them in the morning as the bears tend to sleep in the forest after midday.  Take a look at:

  • Valentine's Day present to help the rescued bears in Romania

    The Romanian bear sanctuary is caring for almost 100 bears rescued from cages around Romania.  They need over a ton of food a day to feed the bears and to help raise the funds to care for their bears the Milioane de Prieteni (Millions of Friends) who manage the sanctuary have a special Valentine's Day gift page on their online store - so why not take a look and maybe buy a Valentine Bear?