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  • Blessing of animals at sanctuary in Romania

    To celebrate World Animal Day - October 4th (associated with St Francis of Assisi, who was known for kindness to animals) the Libearty bear sanctuary in Romania held a Blessing of animals in the small chapel of St Seraphim which is located in the heart of the bear sanctuary and which overlooks one of the large bear enclosures where rescued bears relax in the meadow and forest areas.

    Many people came with their cats, dogs and pets and even some horses, donkeys and goats were present to be blessed by the local Priest. This event has become an annual one at the bear sanctuary as more people become aware of the need to show respect and protection towards animals.

  • Orphan bear cubs at Romania sanctuary 2016

    This is an update on the two orphaned bear cubs found four months ago.  Romanian Forest Rangers had found a bear den with the cubs which appeared to have been abandoned. They monitored the den for a few days and when there was no sign of the mother bear returning they decided to save the cubs and bring them to the Libearty bear sanctuary, near Brasov.  The mother had probably been killed by hunters.

    The two male cubs have since been cared for by staff at the sanctuary where at first they were underweight and needed to be bottle fed every few hours.  Over the past few months they have grown in strength and have now been released into a special forest enclosure at the sanctuary.  Here they will be safe and they can start learning to climb trees, swim in the water pool and to begin living like bears.  The aim is to allow the cubs this freedom for another year after which they will be assessed for release back to the true wild.

    The little brothers, who are now approximately four months old, were released into the grassy enclosure this month and they immediately raced around to explore. They tried to climb a tree but did not yet have the strength to get far up, but in the coming weeks we expect them to spend much of their time climbing to the tree tops.  They also splashed around in the water pool and rolled in the lush grass. 

    The sanctuary staff will feed them and monitor them but they will be kept away from visitors as the aim is to rehabilitate them back to the wild at a later date, when they are big enough to fend for themselves.

    The AMP who manage the bear sanctuary have done a fantastic job in bringing the cubs back to full health and we hope to follow their progress over the coming months.  To see a short video of the young bears being released into the Romanian bear sanctuary go to:   

    If you want to help the AMP to care or these young bear cubs, please go to:

  • Bears rescued from Gyumri Zoo in Armenia - now safe at Romanian bear sanctuary

    Two bears have been rescued from appalling conditions from what the media called “The world’s saddest zoo” - the Gyumri zoo in Armenia - and they have been brought to the Romanian bear sanctuary where they are now tasting freedom for the first time in their lives.

    The European brown bears, Masha and Grisha, were kept separate in small dirty cages in the zoo in Armenia and when they arrived at the bear sanctuary they were found to be undernourished and in need of veterinary care. The sanctuary vet has treated them and they now have a good diet so their health is improving.  They were initially afraid of each other but after a couple of days the two bears started playing together in the sanctuary quarantine area, and splashing in the large water pool.  Cristina Lapis, President of the AMP who manage the bear sanctuary, said that she was happy to welcome the bears from Armenia into the sanctuary where they could start to live like bears again and not like starved caged animals.

  • Bear Cubs rescued and cared for at Romanian sanctuary

    Two very young brown bear cubs have been rescued and are now being cared for at the Libearty bear sanctuary in Romania. Forest Rangers had found a bear den with the cubs which seemed to have been abandoned. They monitored the den for a few days and when there was no sign of the mother bear returning they decided to save the cubs and bring them to the bear sanctuary. It is probable that the mother bear had been shot.
    The cubs were severely dehydrated but the sanctuary vet is treating them and bottle feeding them every 2 hours. The sanctuary will care for the baby bears and hopefully their health will improve. If all goes well, the cubs can later on be released back to the wild.  To see a short film of the baby bears at the sanctuary see:

  • Valentine Bear

    If you are looking for that special gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day, then why not adopt a bear for your beloved one. The “Millions of Friends” organisation who care for over 80 rescued bears at their Libearty sanctuary in Romania are asking you to look at their VALENTINE ADOPTION page for the bears (…/offer-your-lover-a-bear-for-valent… ) and choose the bear that you want to adopt. Then, click on the ADOPT A BEAR NOW! and make a 10 euro donation.
    Send them a message on, with the name of the bear you want to adopt, your name and the name of the person you want to offer this gift.
    They will send you, by e-mail, a special Valentine’s Day adoption certificate ready to be printed and framed, that you can gift to your beloved one!